Net 10 Wireless

New on the Amazon Echo, get the Net 10 Alexa Skill!

Have a No-Contract Net 10 Wireless Smartphone? Then this skill will make it easy for you to get the most out of your smartphone. First, you will need to Enable the skill and enter your NET10 Phone number. Now you are ready to take advantage of this skill.

Use your Net 10 Skill to Add a Service Plan Pin, Hear Your Refill Date, Check on Your Data Usage and Update APN Settings on your Net 10 Wireless Smartphone.

Amazon Echo

You can invoke the Skill by asking your Amazon Echo questions like these:

  • Alexa, ask Net TEN to Add Airtime.
  • Alexa, ask Net TEN What is my Refill Date?
  • Alexa, ask Net TEN to Check Data Usage.
  • Alexa, ask Net TEN to update my APN settings.

Add Airtime: Say "Alexa, Ask Net TEN to Add Airtime." Alexa will send a text message to your phone to start the process. It's that simple.

Refill Date: Say "Alexa, Ask Net TEN, What is my refill date?" Never miss a cycle date again. Alexa can help you stay connected.

Data Usage: Say "Alexa, Ask Net TEN to check my Data Usage." Always know where you stand with Data, so you can enjoy your music, games and apps without worry.

Update APN Settings: Say "Alexa, Ask Net TEN to update my APN settings." If you are activating your own phone with a NET10 Wireless Bring Your Own Phone Kit, Alexa can help you get the right APN settings. Really important, so you can get Data and MMS messages on your phone.